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Submissions Guidelines

  • In the subject line, put Article submission: your article title
  • Link to your article (400-1200 words, plus images) in Google Docs (strongly preferred), Microsoft Word, or HTMLA suggested summary (~2-3 lines, up to 200 characters including spaces)
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  • Categorization topic suggestions (see the current Labelvisor topics at the top)
  • If it's your first time submitting, you'll need a brief 1-3 sentence author bio, with links to your social media or wepresence;s; we suggest Twitter, LinkedIn, or a personal webpage


Make sure you have permission if you're using an image from another platform (Medium). If not, find royalty-free images (from such sources as Freepik, Pexels, Unsplash, etc.) or make your own.


Add code by copying and pasting or adding a GitHub gist and including the gist URL in your submission where appropriate so we can embed it. Blogs shouldn't have screenshots of code blocks. Please don't add small images of code output. Try using ">>>" to show the output. You can upload an image if the output is just for visualization.


Format and display equations with a LaTeX service. This free tool makes mathematical equations from LaTeX markup. You can create an equation by clicking the buttons and then copy-pasting the code. If you've got a complicated equation, you can take a screenshot and include it as an image.

Additional Considerations

  • Be sure not to add bullet marks to headings if you're using MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Write your blogs under Heading 1 and Heading 2.
  • It's not a good idea to nest bullet points. If you use it, it won't translate better.
  • Top-performing blogs have multiple headings with smaller, easy-to-read sentences. Don't make your sentences too long.
  • Please communicate special requests to the editors using Google Docs comments, so everyone can see them.

Please note that your article is not intended to promote a specific company, product, or service. Our blog doesn't accept guest articles that promote certifications or trainings tied to one company (this includes stealth links to affiliate online resources), but such articles can be considered paid promotions. It's fine to mention one specific product or service, but you have to mention two or more similar products or services.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length and to fix typos.

To make selected articles more appealing to Labelvisor readers, we might change the titles.

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